2019-2020 Elected Positions

Chair: Carl Lee
Vice Chair: Helen Winfrey
Treasurer: Josh Civiello
Secretary: Howard Jones, P.E.

2019 Appointed Positions

Membership Development Chairperson: Sol Black
Professional Activities Chair: Ben Mehraban
Educational Activities Chair: Joshua Civiello
Webmaster: Anupam Srivastava
Student Activities Chair: Sol Black/Carl Lee
Auditor: Jim Reed
Section Advisor: Robert Walston
SPAC Support Coordinator: Jim Watson

2019 Society & Affinity Group Positions

Antennas and Propagation & Microwave Theory and Techniques:  Graeme Smith
Computer & Communication: Robert Walston
Control Systems: Carl Lee
Electron Devices/Photonics: Paul Berger, Ph.D.
Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society: Nasser H. Kashou, Ph.D.
Power and Energy Society: Xuan Wu   
Signal Processing:  Kiryung Lee
Young Professionals Society: Colleen Konsavage
Women In Engineering: Helen Winfrey 

2019 Student Branch Faculty Advisors

DeVry University Columbus: John Golzy
DeVry University Online: John Golzy
Ohio University: Savas Kaya, Ph.D. / Advisor: Dr. Daniel Allwine
Ohio State Graduate: Paul Berger, Ph.D.   
Ohio State : Ryan McPherson, Ph.D.                  
Zane State:  James R Davis




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