PES Meeting Apr 27

The purpose of this gathering is to orient new and returning members of the IEEE Columbus Power & Energy Society (PES) and to identify speaker topics and other ideas of interest for the year, as well as to select and configure our leadership structure.

All are welcome to attend this orientation meeting – including veteran IEEE members, non-engineers, folks who are unsure of their registration status, folks simply looking for information and events, folks who simply want to mingle and enjoy free food, etc. Please invite those you feel are interested in getting involved in your local chapter of the IEEE Power & Energy Society.

Date:  Wed, Apr 27

Time: 6pm, snacks provided

Location: 683 Oak St., Columbus, OH 43231

Agenda is as follows:

  • Election of PES officers (Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, Treasurer)
  • Officer roles & responsibilities
  • IEEE Columbus events
  • PES speaker/PDH series: Topics of interest
  • Other ideas/collaborations to explore?
  • Execution strategy / Governance structure

This is an open meeting, so please contact me if there are items you wish to discuss in addition to the agenda outlined above.

RSVP – Michael George

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